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Baker's paws cinnamon.
Our upcoming Queen Jimmie Sue Seal sepin mink.
lilica point
Cinnamon seal chco mink
miss mimxs
                    This is Lucenda she is a blue bi color sepin                   shes a new pretty face to bakers paws                                 her kittens in fall of 17
Rockstardolls Savannah White
White Ragdoll (blue eyes)


               Bakers Paws
              Phantom:   Seal Tortie Mink
        Bakers Paws    
        Paris: Seal Tortie Mink
Jacobs Ladder
Anna:  Seal Point
  Bakers Paws
 Sugar Bear :  Chocolate Seal Mink
                  Bakers Paws
              Mynk Stole: Chocolate Point Mitted
Fluffy Luv
Miss Bonny
Blue Mink
 Bakers Paws:   Cream Cycle
Cream Point

Bakers paws: Mocha
Choc mink tortie
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