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Ragdoll Breed Standard/Physical Description
Here are some facts on the Ragdoll breed based on information in the Cat Fanciers Associations' Breed Standard.

Head: triangle-shaped
Ears: medium-size
Eyes: large, oval-shaped and bright blue
Body: large, long, broad
Legs: heavy-boned and fairly long, with the back legs longer than the front
Paws: large, round, and feathery
Tail: long, plumed
Coat: moderately long, flowing
Ragdoll History
Source: Cat Fanciers Association Breed Profile and Wikipedia (March 2006)

Ragdoll cats were developed in the 1960s in California by the breeder Ann Baker. The breed began with a cross between Josephine, a longhaired white Siamese-marked female cat, and other longhair cats with white Siamese cat markings. Ann Baker selectively bred the cats and created the breed standard herself. Other breeders wanted to develop the breed without Ann Baker, and eventually created an offshoot breed, the Ragamuffin, in the 1990s. The Ragamuffin substantially resembles the Ragdoll.

Ann Baker reportedly tried to create a number of legendary explanations for the breed which have not withstood scientific scrutiny. Among the legends attributed to Ann Baker are that aliens from outer space played a roll in the breed's development and also that the cat breed contains some human genes.


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